Here is the current list of competitors for 2018, listed in alphabetical order. Within 48 hours of application your details will be reviewed and be visible on this list. (Please note that participation will only be marked ‘confirmed’ once payment has been received)

Name Country Category Team Status
ACOSTA ALCOBA, Julio España MAX masters 40 (men)Eolo Gravitypending
AGUILAR RUBIO, Miguel Angel España MAX masters 50 (men) - confirmed
ÁLVAREZ ÁLVAREZ, Jose España E-bike (men) - pending
ÁLVAREZ TORRECILLA, Jose España MAX elite (men) - pending
AYALA HERNANDEZ, Miguel Angel España MAX masters 40 (men)98 octanospending
BALLESTEROS PLATA, RAUL españa MAX masters 40 (men) - confirmed
BLASCO CORPAS, Gabriel España MAX masters 40 (men)SpainDHpending
BOARD, Haydn Spain E-bike (men) - confirmed
CAMACHO, Rafa España MAX masters 40 (men)CLUB ENDHURO SEVILLAconfirmed
CAMERON, brian spain MAX masters 40 (men)Alpujarra Bikerspending
CANO BALSELLS, Pablo España MAX masters 30 (men)Eolo Gravitypending
CARMONA MOLINA, JUAN JESUS españa MAX masters 40 (men)Club Ciclista en Femenino Granadaconfirmed
CARNEIRO PEREZ, David España MAX elite (men)Pulpeiros Mugardosconfirmed
CARREÑO MENDEZ, JORGE España E-bike (men) - confirmed
CASADO MORNET, Bruno España MAX elite (men) - confirmed
CAVA LóPEZ , Juan Gabriel España LITE (men)Sierra enduroconfirmed
CAVA MARTíNEZ , Juan Antonio España MAX masters 40 (men)Sierra espuña Enduro confirmed
CLARA, Cláudio Portugal MAX masters 30 (men)Indivi-dualpending
CONTRERAS GIL, Samuel España MAX masters 30 (men)LTSportbike-TREKconfirmed
CORREA SANCHEZ, Miguel Angel España MAX masters 30 (men)Showtime BMXconfirmed
CRIADO GARCIA, RAUL España MAX masters 50 (men)Club Madroñoconfirmed
DE JUANA GONZALEZ , Gonzalo España MAX masters 40 (men)SPAIN DHpending
DE LA TORRE, ALBERTO España E-bike (men)INDEPENDIENTEconfirmed
DREDGE, Jonathan France MAX masters 40 (men)TY Bike Productsconfirmed
FERNáNDEZ FERNáNDEZ , Andrés España E-bike (men)Bikes Pointconfirmed
FERNANDEZ GIL, Sergio Spain MAX masters 40 (men)Club Madroñoconfirmed
FERNANDEZ MIRANDA, Antonio España MAX junior (men)Ciclo Montañaconfirmed
FERNáNDEZ. EL MOLINO, Jesús España MAX masters 40 (men) - pending
FERRE RUIZ, Noel España MAX masters 40 (men)Eolo gravitypending