Here is the current list of competitors for 2019, listed in alphabetical order. Within 48 hours of application your details will be reviewed and be visible on this list. (Please note that participation will only be marked ‘confirmed’ once payment has been received)

Name Country Category Team Status
ACEVEDO ORTEGA, Eloy Málaga MAX masters 30 (men)Embrujo del Llanoconfirmed
AISA GARCíA , Carlos España MAX masters 30 (men)Wild Bikes shopconfirmed
ÁLVAREZ TORRECILLA, Jose España MAX elite (men)Green Riderconfirmed
BALLESTEROS PLATA, Raul España MAX masters 40 (men)Karakorum bikepending
BASCON CESAR, Rafa España MAX elite (men)SEVENBIKESpending
BASTON, Sonny United Kingdom MAX masters 40 (men)Pinned TVpending
BEGG, Andrew Scotland MAX masters 30 (men)McBeggconfirmed
BLASCO CORPAS, Gabriel España MAX masters 40 (men)Spindhpending
BOODT, Martin Spain MAX masters 50 (men)ALWAYS STOKED DH TEAMpending
BUCHANAN, Jim United Kingdom MAX masters 40 (men)Pinned TVconfirmed
CAMACHO BILBAO, Rafa España E-bike (men)Locos por la biciconfirmed
CAMACHO SAMPELAYO , Manuel España E-bike (men) - confirmed
CAMERON, brian spain MAX masters 40 (men)alpujarrabikesconfirmed
CARREñO MENDEZ, Jorge España E-bike (men)Enduro Güejarpending
CASQUEIRO, Ismael España MAX masters 40 (men) - confirmed
CAYUELA RAMíREZ , Alfonso España MAX masters 30 (men)Spain dhconfirmed
COLLADO, Ayden Gibraltar MAX elite (men)Wild Rock Racing Gibraltarconfirmed
CONCHOBHAR DE BAGOTA, Conchobhar Reino Unido MAX elite (men)Ride sierra nevadapending
CORTéS LLAMAS, Israel España MAX masters 40 (men)SpainDHconfirmed
CORTINES, Felipe España MAX masters 30 (men) - pending
COULSON, Paul England MAX masters 50 (men)Hadleigh MTB Clubconfirmed
DE LA TORRE ESPINOSA, Alberto España E-bike (men)LOCOS POR LA BICIpending
DEELY AGUILAR, Sean Spain MAX junior (men) - pending
DIAZ CAMACHO, Xavi España MAX elite (men)LOS DE SIEMPRE pending
ELO, David United Kingdom MAX masters 40 (men)Benny Downhillconfirmed
EXPóSITO CHICA, Sergio España MAX elite (men)Llamameloco team sixconfirmed
FERNáNDEZ FERNáNDEZ , Andrés España E-bike (men)Bikes Point - Enduroelectrictbike pending
FERNANDEZ MIRANDA, Antonio España MAX elite (men) - confirmed
FERNáNDEZ. EL MOLINO, Jesús España MAX masters 40 (men) - pending
FORNET ROMAN, José Antonio España LITE (men)Biciactivitypending