EWS-Qualifier-logoWe are delighted to participate for the first time within the organisation of the Enduro World Series and offer Global Ranking points to EWS members. 

For those wishing to take advantage of this, there are a few things you need to know.

Only competitors holding an EWS membership will be eligible for Enduro Global Ranking points. If you haven’t purchased your membership yet, you can do so on their website.

A rider must hold a valid EWS membership prior to starting the race in which they hope to win points. No points will be awarded retrospectively should a rider purchase an EWS membership after an event.

Individual EWS Membership is available at www.enduroworldseries.com.

EWS members entering this event as an Official EWS Qualifier event will collect official Enduro Global Ranking points. Ranking points will be awarded in relation to EWS age categories listed in Section 2 of the EWS Rules. EWS Qualifying Ranking Points will be awarded in relation to the overall finishing position of each EWS member. For a full disclosure of the global ranking points system please refer to the Enduro World Series website.  To download a copy of the Enduro World Series Rulebook please click here.


Enduro Event Grading System

New for 2019, every event in the EWS framework will be graded so you know before you enter exactly what the course is going to ask of you!

Using a combination of the philosophy used in UK climbing grading, which recognises both how techincal the climb is and ski and trail grading that acknowledges difficulty by colour, our new event grading is designed to give you a great idea of the level of the race you are planning to enter.

The Ride Sierra Nevada Enduro race is classified as
RED (experts only)
4 BAR – The HARDEST events you’ll find physically anywhere. (You’ll be climbing over 1600 meters OR riding over 55km)