Environmental concerns: Please practice a “Leave no trace” policy and always Ride with Respect.

Guejar Sierra is at 1000m altitude and is situated in the north east of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park within a protected environment. One of the aims of this event is to create a long-term, and well thought out, sustainable source of tourism based around this stunning location. However it is also our job to ensure that while riders are here to interact with the local environment, they must do as much as they can to ensure that this event has minimum impact. We want to point out as well as the great natural beauty of the area, its fragility and the necessity to protect it.

Everyone involved in this race – participants, volunteers and organisers, we ask you all to show max respect for the area and its inhabitants and please keep the following in mind at all times:

  • Please keep waste to the minimum. Each rider is required to carry a refillable water bottle with them. We will not provide juice cartons or energy drink cans at the rest stations. There will be natural mineral water from the springs and fountains of the area to refill along the way.
  • All rubbish must be disposed of appropriately in waste disposal bins at the food stations or throughout the town. This is such an important point that we have decided to highlight its importance by making the decision to disqualify any rider seen by the organisation to throw rubbish. This includes all bike parts and any spares changed along the way.
  • Please respect pedestrians.
  • Do not interfere with the flora or fauna along the route.
  • Use the route as signed and respect its borders to limit erosion.
  • Respect private property on the route. We have permission from local farms to cross their property and if we want this event to be repeated in the future, we must give no cause for refusal next time we ask for cooperation from locals.
  • Please don’t camp in the surrounding area. If anyone needs to camp, please contact us and we will try to help you with arrangements.

Thanks for your attention on these points.

(Please note that this is not a list of race rules. A full list of rules will be published at the time of entries opening).