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  3. On receipt of payment your registration will be confirmed on the website.

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• The age of the participant is their age on the first of January of the current year.
• Age on 1st January 2021: Junior: 16-18, Elite: 19-29, Masters 30: 30-39, Masters 40: 40-49, Masters 50: 50+. Please note, LITE competitors are not categorized by age

If you would like to choose your exit group at this time please indicate which rider description is most appropriate for your level.

 Exit Group1: Pro rider Exit Group2: Competitive racer Exit Group3: Weekend rider (moderate) Exit Group4: Enduro Virgin (slow)

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By registering in the Ride Sierra Nevada Enduro you agree to accept the race rules, the COVID protocol and also accept the responsibility involved and fully understand the difficulty of this event regarding both technical and physical characteristics. You will be responsible for preparing yourself physically, mentally and technically. Preparation will be very important.
You will be responsible for using an appropriate bike in good working order and the organisers of the event retain the right to stop racers from participating if their bike is unsuitable or in bad condition.
Please note that no insurance can be purchased from us either in advance or on the day. We highly recommend that you contract your own insurance and be sure that it covers mountain biking in competition!
Note on Data Protection:
RSN Enduro is fully committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals operating in accordance with the statutory legislation outlined within the Data Protection Act 1998. In doing so we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data provided to us. Any decisions for the disclosure, retention or disposal of information are made in line with relevant legislation.


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