The mission of the Ride Sierra Nevada Enduro 2019 is to find the strongest all-round mountain biker who can climb the 1800m efficiently and descend smoothly and quickly throughout a long day.

In these races less can be more: intelligent decisions, line choice, knowing when to go fast and when to conserve your position will all play a part in who ends up on the podium. Riders will be self-sufficient which means solving mechanical problems as well as conserving energy and negotiating technically challenging obstacles on route. The winner will know when to go 100% and when not to take risks at high speed.

“Normal riders should be ready for five hours or more in the saddle with hour (+) long climbs and technical, steep descents. Much of the uphill will be done on tarmac while the four timed descents will be 98% single-track. Loose rocks, ruts and tight turns will feature all day with the longest and toughest descent being kept until last. Dropping through oak forests with endless twists and banked corners will have riders in the flow and brakes getting hot. Narrow off-camber goat-tracks lead to loose rocks and more tight turns. Keep your front wheel pointing in the right direction and push down on the handlebars to maintain grip. Ducking under trees and negotiating yet more curves never allows much time off the brakes. Flat-out straight lines will bring you into abrupt rock gardens and steep rocks suddenly drop away under your tyre. Riders will need to call on all of their strength and experience to finish near the front of the pack. Getting off your bike and walking round technical sections will not get you to the podium but it will get you safely to the finish line”.

Full-face helmets are recommended but not compulsory. Knee pads, elbow pads and some body armour are highly recommended. The race is not for beginners – participants should be experienced all-mountain riders with good technical skills, fitness levels and well-maintained equipment.

Camaraderie and shared challenges bring out the best in the Enduro tribe. We want to make this event as open as possible to the MTB community while keeping the racing competitive. The friendly and social atmosphere we would like to create should encourage experienced racers as well as newcomers to Enduro. There can only be one winner in each category but we would like all participants to enjoy a sense of achievement. Enduro is a celebration of all things MTB, a celebration of the mountain for the people who love it.

Dates: 9th and 10th November 2019

The route: covers a mixture of public and private ground and so will not be made public until the weekend of the race.

Entries: follow our Facebook page to stay informed of the opeing of the entry system!!